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What is Changing?

Starting July 1st you must choose 1 of only 18 suppliers who Medicare has chosen to furnish diabetic supplies to beneficiaries. You will only be allowed to use one of these 18 to obtain your supplies by mail. If the company you are using now is not one of the 18, you will need to find a new supplier who won a contract to service these items for you after July 1st.

Why is Medicare Making These Changes?

These changes are intended to replace outdated Medicare prices with lower, more accurate prices. Suppliers submit bids to provide diabetic supplies at a lower price than what Medicare pays now for these items. Medicare uses these bids to set the amount it will pay for those supplies after July 1st. Only qualified, accredited suppliers with winning bids are chosen as Medicare contract suppliers. The program is intended to provide the following:

  • Helps you and Medicare save money
  • Ensures you have access to your supplies from suppliers you can trust
  • Helps limit the abuse in the Medicare program

What Do I Need To Do?

Take action now so that you do not receive an interruption in your scheduled 90 day supply of mail order supplies. If your current supplier is not one of the 18 Medicare approved contract winners, they will no longer be able to deliver your supplies any longer. Fill out the form on this page to get more information or call up at 855-636-4603. We will answer any questions you have and assist you with getting setup with an approved supplier for your diabetic testing supplies now so that you do not experience a problem later when you run out of supplies.

For more information on these changes, please visit the Medicare website.


Choose 101 Diabetic Supplies Healthcare

101 Diabetic Supplies Healthcare has partnered with Jade Diabetic Group (a Medicare bid winning contract supplier for diabetic testing supplies), 1 of only 18 companies in the nation who can service your diabetes testing supplies after July 1st.

101 Diabetic Supplies is one of the largest medical supply companies, helping over a hundred thousand patients manage their chronic conditions, such as diabetes. With diabetes being our specialty, we are well equipped to handle not just your diabetic supplies, but many other products and services that diabetics require to properly manage their diabetes.

We are your most comprehensive source of diabetes management.
Diabetes Testing Supplies
Diabetic Footwear
Diabetes Medications
Insulin Pumps

Get Your Supplies From 101 Diabetic Supplies Healthcare

  • Brand New Talking Meter
    You may qualify for the New Talking Blood Glucose Meter. We always supply the latest products and ongoing instructions & support.
  • Unmatched Customer Service
    Our friendly, knowledgeable team is always here for you - Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • No Paperwork
    We take care of all confusing insurance forms!
  • Free Cookbook with Every Shipment
    Diabetic Recipes that are as easy as 1-2-3! This diabetic cookbook eases meal planning and living with diabetes.
  • Free Shipping
    Free home delivery of diabetic supplies.
  • Little or No Cost Diabetic Supplies
    We bill your insurance directly.

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